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These pages are dedicated to family, old friends and well wishers. I'm aware that over the years such a site almost became obsolete. Today pictures and "stories" are exchanged in real-time, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, name it, made it possible! Still, a "Private Site" has its merits. After some years you can watch and re-live your "adventures", showing it to your next of skin or to people who care. Most important, it keeps memories alive which otherwise vanish into the Nirwana. It also provides a rewarding Hobby. A "hand-knitted" website is a "never" ending Story... !
I'm just finish(-ing) Version 2.0., compatible with most modern Browsers, a new layout, enhanced code, bug fixes, spell checking &, ...   (tested in Edge, Firefox , Brave, Chrome, Opera & Android)
Our next visit to Switzerland: 27.06. - 07.08.2020
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Christmas 2019
SlideShow: Children's Christmas Party 2019
In absence of our own children, Nancy invited all the neighbours children to a Christmas Party. Chicken & Jollow Rice, Sofdrinks, Seets and Music kept them happy while the olders indulged in Beer, Whikey and Bayleys. A good party, all had fun and an oportunity to meet our neighbours.
Meetings, Events and Family Octobre 2019
SlideShow: Spanien - Portugal Tour October 2019
First of all we wanted to introduce our New borne Grandschild:

Liano 15.09.2019, son of Fritz & Xenia
Friends from Rieter & Jossi time! "Get Together" 2019, Frohsinn Anetswil (TG) 12.10.2019
Geschwisterntreff 2019 Gmüetliberg 29.10.2019
Biremöstler-Treff 2019 Zürich 20.10.2019
Round Trip Madrid - Lissabon - Porto - Madrid October 2019  
SlideShow: Spanien - Portugal Tour October 2019
Up-Comming visit: Itinary21.09. - 01.11.2019
We will arrive in Zürich on 13.09.2019 and will go on Tour on 21st of September. Afterwards we will be in Switzerlnd for ca. 1 month.
Nancy has a list of destinations she would like to visit: BERLIN, PORTUGAL, Ireland & Scotland. Her fear of flying prevents her to consider far away places. This year we will consider her wish and to visit Portugal & Spain. We will fly to Madrid, hire a car and drive to Lissabon and than to Madrid via Salamanca.

The 2'200km (18 days) Round-Trip will take us to some of the most interesting places in Spain & Portugal. Its all booked: Flights, Hotels, HopOn-HopOff, Tours and of course the Car.

Back in Switzerland we will visit my children, new and old Grand-Children, friends and old places! Should be relaxed and we will go back before the Christmas rush!

Return to Ghana: 01.11.2019
Back to Ghana until 27th June 2020
Everything has an end and we came back to Accra. There we found everything in order and live continues.

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