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The Second Medical "Holidays"11.09 - 12.11.2021
...have passed and since 12.11.2021 we are again back in Accra! Since the various Doctors could not figure out the reason for my ailments, I will have to live with them! Maybe it's just Old Age!

First of all many thanks to my sons, brother & sisters, old friends & "Well Wishers", in Switzerland, for their support during my stay.
A very special thank to Kastriot & Silvia for their very generous gesture in letting us use their comfortable apartment during most of our stay! That helped us more than can be imagined!

For now we hope that things will settle, Corona will dye and my ailments disappear! In other words, we all looking forward to a boring normal 2022 and with mixed feelings, to my 80th birthday! Cheers!

Our NEXT VISIT to Switzerland:
12.09. - 12.11.2021

Karl & Nancy's ITINARY 2021
Our stay in Switzerland 2021
This year's stay revolved around health problems, seeing old friends & familly and adhering to a very tight budget. We got a a lot of help from Kastriot & Sylvia, friends of Oliver & Laurena, providing accommodation in their very nice flat in the center of Dietikon! We looking forward to welcome them in Ghana in December! Kurt helped by providing his car for easy movement and of course organizing accommodation for the first 3 weeks of our stay. Oliver & Lorena visited us frequently and Oliver was driving me around to Hospitals as needed! - So all went relatively smooth! Than you all!

All 3 Dinner Meetings where held in the "Brasserie Federal" at the Z├╝rich Main Station. Good food, stonehard seating and loud but ok in the end! Medically there where no new findings regarding my condition(s). It seems that I'm strong & healthy but unfortunately this is not how I feel!- Age is a bitch!
The SOLAR PROJECT is installed!
SlideShow: Montage Solar Panels 29.04.2021
Back home, in "Palas Town", fighting to find a way back to normality and reasonable health, I first tried to get my finances straight. All these medical expenses depleted our reserves and made a mess out of my delicate balanced budget. Than I had a pile of materials which we sent to our home to build the solar installation. I hoped that "Junior" our all-round genie will find time to install it with me. He didn't disappoint and we got all installed and running on April 28.

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