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The year 2020, or The Year of CORONA (Covid-19) is unfolding. In spite of a my past rough live style, I'm surprisingly still around . Since 5 years as pensioner in Accra Ghana, this thanks to a minimal AHV rent due to my own "neglect". The strong Swiss Franc and the own bungalow allows us a simple but reasonable live. It's quite OK if you can adopt lower your standards! Certainly less stress, less outside interferences ! Live is affordable, simple and "uncomplicated". At my age (78), I can appreciate it. During our yearly, 6 weeks, break we compensate for the lack of choices and culinary shortcomings! It also allows us to meet family, grand-children & friends in Switzerland. Now, already 7 months in EXILE and no end in sight, ....

Corona has taken over and all holiday plans are in jeopardy! Lets wait and see how things are developing! Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Hope meeting or hearing from you soon! (use the "Feedback Button" above!)
Our next visit to Switzerland: 29.08. - 09.10.2020 (already in doubt!)
Provisionary ITINARY 2020
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My 78th Birthday in Accra  27.06.2020
It was planned that we are celebrating my 78th birthday in Switzerland. Corona shattered this plan and I looked forward to a very modest Birthday. The picture brightened when I learned that my party was sponsored by Fritz, Kurt, Oliver & Lorena. So we went to our favorite place, the Regal Chinese Restaurant in Osu. With Linda, Angela, Fati and Ashete we celebrated my birthday in style.
Christmas 2019
SlideShow: Children's Christmas Party 2019
In absence of our own children, Nancy invited all the neighbours children to a Christmas Party. Chicken & Jollow Rice, Sofdrinks, Seets and Music kept them happy while the olders indulged in Beer, Whikey and Bayleys. A good party, all had fun and an opportunity to meet our neighbours.
Meetings, Events and Family Octobre 2019
SlideShow: Spanien - Portugal Tour October 2019
First of all we wanted to introduce our latest Grandschild:

Liano 15.09.2019, son of Fritz & Xenia
Friends from Rieter & Jossi time! "Get Together" 2019, Frohsinn Anetswil (TG) 12.10.2019
Geschwisterntreff 2019 Gmüetliberg 29.10.2019
Biremöstler-Treff 2019 Zürich 20.10.2019

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