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My Website got a "face-lift!"

Over the many years of just adding content, sometimes in a hurry and without enough time to edit and streamline, the site became a maze and difficult to navigate! Typos, mix ups, distorted layouts, confusing text passages accumulated. Therefore it was time to sit down and have a close look at the code and the layout. Correcting content and texts was another task. Due to the size of the site not everything will be perfect yet. Let me know if you spot discrepancies!2
The "Emergency flight by Rega" to Switzerland
(13.10.2022 with RegaJet «Challenger» CL 604)

We arrived in Accra September and at the beginning all was fine. After some says my pains anf bleeding stated again and I went to the NYAHO Medical Center in Accra whwrw Iwas again hospitalized They could stop the bleeding but it went worse again and I decided to fine a way back to Switzerland. A commercial flight was not feasible and I contacted Rega via Kurt (my Son) To my surprise, the jet (Captain & Crew Urs Nagel,) picked me up on 13.10.2022 at 10:00 and we flew via Palma de Mallorca ) picking up the 2nd passenger, to Zürich. By ambulanze I was brought to the Triemli Hospital. Another couple of operation later and a stay the the Reha Clinic Seewis a new problem occured and I went back to the Triemli and Waid Hospital. I was discharged 22.02.2023 and hope for the last time!? to Captain Nagel & his Crew many thank for taking good care of me and the Rega Organization
The "Medical Trip" to Switzerland
(June - September 2022)
The Trip started OK and I was looking forward to my appointment in the Waid (Hospital) Urologie on Monday. On the way to the Waid Hospital in an UBER we got a phone call that the appointment is canceled! Not good at all! Since I had scheduled meetings with my siblings, my classmates from Secondary School (1957 - about 60) and with my friends from RIETER & JOSSI (2001 -2015). I finished these tasks but pains became unbearable and blood loss difficult to contain. I had to check -In at the Emergency Ward of the Waid Hospital. I was soon transferred to the sister Hospital (Triemli) where they made the first operation (Kidney outlet) This went on for 10 weeks and 7 more corrections (under anesthesia) and followed by considerable pain and discomfort. Because I was a carrier of a multi resistant organism, (not my wive!), I was kept in an isolated single room. Not to bad only the food...

After 10 weeks the doctors, nurses and food handlers had enough seen of me and after final operation, which in my understanding should have been made 1 year ago at the Hospital in Baden or Triemli (I visited both). Nevetheless a made it (12.09.2022), after some problems with booking canceled flights, to Accra via Amsterdam. Thanks to all the Doctors, Nursing Staff and others which helped me to keep my spirits up!...
OLIVER (alias Oro Mensah by WWE) & LORENA migrated to the USA
WWE contract (Orlando / Florida)
"Oro Mensah’" 2022
He won is first Belt in UK! Oliver is making progress in his wrestling career. He got a contract with WWE in Orlando USA and we can visit him there! - He is our SUPERSTAR! He also got a new name:   ORO MENSAH
Stories & Pictures also of other events soon!
My 80th Birthday with my family
Our first visitors 2022
Christmas / New Year  18.12.21 - 03.01.2022
Oliver & Lorena visited us with Silvia, a friend, for 2 weeks and roamed around Accra, Akosombo, Cape Coast and wider surroundings. Will add a report of their visit as soon as I get the pictures. - Still waiting Lorena & Silvia!