China November 2007

P1000668 P1000670 P1000671 P1000672
P1000673 P1000675 P1000677 P1000678
P1000680 P1000681 P1000684 P1000685
P1000686 P1000687 P1000688 P1000690
P1000693 P1000696 P1000698 P1000699
P1000700 P1000701 P1000702 P1000703
P1000705 P1000707 P1000708 P1000713
P1000716 P1000717 P1000720 P1000721
P1000726 P1000729 P1000732 P1000736
P1000742 P1000743 P1000744 P1000747
P1000748 P1000750 P1000751 P1000752
P1000754 P1000755 P1000756 P1000757
P1000758 P1000759 P1000760 P1000762
P1000763 P1000766 P1000768 P1000770
P1000771 P1000772 P1000773  Terracotta Armee in Xiàn P1000774  Xi'an & die Terrakotta Armee
P1000775  Xi'an & die Terrakotta Armee P1000776  Xi'an & die Terrakotta Armee P1000777  Mausoleum Qin Shihuangdis P1000778
P1000782 P1000783 P1000784 P1000785
P1000787 P1000788 P1000789 P1000790
P1000791 P1000792 P1000793  Xi'an & die Terrakotta Armee P1000794
P1000795 P1000796 P1000798 P1000799
P1000800 P1000801 P1000802 P1000803
P1000804 P1000805 P1000806 P1000807
P1000808 P1000811 P1000812 P1000815
P1000816 P1000817 P1000820 P1000821
P1000822 P1000824  Nanjing Road, Shanghai P1000825  Nanjing Road P1000826  Nanjing Road
P1000827  Nanjing Road with Oriental Pearl Tower P1000828  Nanjing Road P1000829 P1000830  Shanghai Skyline
P1000831  The Huangpu Jiang (River) P1000834 P1000835  Construction of the  Shanghai World Financial Center. Inthe foreground the Jin Mao Tower P1000836
P1000833  Traffic on the Huangpu River P1000838 P1000839 P1000840
P1000841 P1000843 P1000846 P1000853
P1000854 P1000855 P1000856 P1000857  Stephan Hutter, the GM of Rieter China at the time
P1000858 P1000860 P1000862  Miss Li busy P1000863
P1000867  with Walter Kiechl P1000869 P1000870 P1000871  Colins & Co
P1000872 P1000873 P1000874 P1000876
P1000881 P1000882  Stephan Hutter4 P1000884 P1000885
P1000886 P1000889 P1000890 P1000891
P1000892 P1000893 P1000895 P1000896
P1000897 P1000898 P1000900 P1000901
P1000902 P1000903 P1000904 P1000905
P1000907 P1000908 P1000909 P1000912
P1000917 P1000920 P1000924 P1000926
P1000934 P1000939 P1000940 P1000952  China train to Nanjing
P1000942 P1000943 P1000945  Jenny P1000948
P1000949 P1000960  Walter Kiechel GMof Jossi P1000968 P1000971
P1000973 P1000976 P1000978 P1000980
P1000981 P1000985 P1000990 P1000991
P1000993 P1000994 P1000996 P1010001