South East Asia 2011

Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan
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100 101 Jeepney Jeepney 3
Jeepney1 P1000502  Jakarta P1000507 P1010802
P1010803  at the Golf course an Agansa favorit lunch place P1010804 P1010805 P1010806
P1010807 P1010808 P1010809 P1010811  with Ryanto
P1010812 P1010814  Agansa boys P1010815 P1010816
P1010817 P1010824 P1010825 P1010827
P1010832 P1010836 P1010837 P1010838
P1010840 P1010841 P1010842 P1010851
P1010856 P1010857  My favorit airline (Jakarta - Saigon) P1010859 P1010861
P1010862  Thomas working with Xorella on the same booth at SaigonTex P1010863 P1010865 P1010867  Thomas and Freddy
P1010868  Mr. Peter Ko with Betty P1010870 P1010873  Freddy Wu P1010876
P1010878  Freddy and Shandeep on a  Saigon ferry P1010879 P1010881 P1010882
P1020124 P1020125 P1020126 P1020127
P1020128 P1020129 P1020131  Agansa Boys P1020132
P1020133 P1020134 P1020136 P1020137
P1020138 P1020146 P1020148 P1020158
P1020159  APAC INIT P1020160 P1020161 P1020162  Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
P1020163 P1020164  Saigon harbour P1020165 P1020166
P1020167 P1020168 P1020169 P1020170
P1020171 P1020172 P1020173 P1020174
P1020182 P1020183  Hanoi Staff of Peter Ko P1020204 P1020206
P1020207 P1020208 P1020209 P1020211
P1020212 P1020213  OSAKA P1020216  Hattori waiting for the train P1020217
P1020220 P1020218  Shinkansen Serie N700 P1020221 P1020222
P1020223 P1020224  with Hattori on a long trip P1020225 P1020226
P1020227 P1020229 P1020230 P1020233
P1020234 P1020235 P1020239 P1020241
P1020242 P1020244 P1020245 P1020246
P1020247 P1020250  Manila P1020251  Manila, Phillipines 0000  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
P1020254 P1020256 P1020257 P1020258
P1020259 P1020262 P1020264 P1020280
P1020284 P1020286 P1020291 P1020294
P1020295 P1020298 P1020301 P1020302
P1020303 P1020305 P1020306  Tan in front of the Snake Temple P1020311
P1020314 P1020320 P1020327  Mike of Cathy`s Bar in Kuala Lumpur P1020329
P1020330 P1020331  Having a beer with Tan at Catjhy`s P1020339  Muskat Airport P1020340