Far East 2012

China, Japan, Malaysia & Joosi Agent's meeting in BKK 2012,
India and back to Zürich in a wheelchair!
P1000072 P1000074 P1000075 P1000077
P1000078 P1000079 P1000081  Yücel at ITMA Shanghai P1000083
P1000084 P1000087 P1000088 P1000091
P1000092 P1000094 P1000095 P1000097
P1000099 P1000100 P1000101 P1000102
P1000104 P1000105 P1000106 P1000107
P1000108 P1000109 P1000110 P1000111
P1000112 P1000113 P1000114 P1000115
P1000117 P1000118 P1000121 P1000122
P1000123 P1000124 P1000130 P1000134
P1000138 P1000140 P1000142 P1000143
P1000144 P1000146 P1000148 P1000150
P1000161 P1000163 P1000164 P1000165
P1000167 P1000168  Koshi tram P1000171  Koshi tram P1000172
P1000175 P1000177 P1000178 P1000182
P1000184 P1000186 P1000187 P1000188
P1000189 P1000190 P1000192 P1000197  Hattori San, bridge to Shikoku island.
P1000201 P1000202  Kochi Airport P1000205 P1000206
P1000207 P1000209 P1000211  Tan P1000212
P1000215 P1000216 P1000217 P1000218
P1000219 P1000220 P1000221 P1000228
P1000224 P1000222  Tilapia Restaurant "Fish Valley Semenyih"  in Malaysia P1000225 P1000226  Tan enjoys his fish!
P1020440 P1020442 P1020443 P1020447
P1020453 P1020455 P1020456 P1020458
P1020459 P1020460 P1020461 P1020462
P1020463  Benjamin Paik from South Korea P1020464 P1020466 P1020470
P1020471 P1020473 P1020479 P1020480
P1020481 P1020482 P1020486  from Wing (Pune) to Mumbai P1020487
P1020488 P1020489  My backproblem made me stay in the bus! P1020490 P1020491
P1020492  Pune - Mumbai Express P1020493  Pune - Mumbai Express P1020494  Pune - Mumbai Express P1020495  Enrtering Mumbai
P1020496 P1020497 P1020499 Image1-6 edited-2  The Titan frame on the spine
Image1-7 edited-1 : Blurred, Too Bright, High Contrast, High Quality