P1010199 P1010179 P1010180 P1010181
P1010185 P1010189 P1010191 P1010194
P1010196  Tamanfaya, Lanzerote P1010198  There is still heat in these old Vulcanos P1010201 P1010202  Tamanfaya, Lanzerote
P1010138 P1010139 P1010140 P1010141  Pajara - Betancuria, FUE
P1010143 P1010146 P1010147 P1010148  La Vegua de Rio Palmas
P1010149 P1010150 P1010152  El Cotillo, Fuerteventura P1010153  Nancy in Front of Cotillo Ocean View Appartamentos
P1010154 P1010155 P1010156 P1010157
P1010158  Dunes at Cortellejo P1010159 P1010160 P1010161  View from our room at El Cotillo
P1010163 P1010164 P1010165 P1010166  Ferry Cortallejo - Playa Blanca
P1010168 P1010169 P1010170  On the Fred. Olson Express Ferry to Lanzerote P1010171
P1010173  Mirador El Rio with view on the Island Gracioso P1010174 P1010176  La Graciosa senn from Mirador del Rio, Lanzerote P1010177