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KurtGHANA Project I
2012 - 2014

Kennedy & SamiGHANA Project II
2013 - 14

Junior the ChiefGHANA Project III
2014 - 19

ACCRA 2015 - 2020

"Retirement Project" I

Position: MapCode: GHA 9C.QK9 or 5.59615° / -0.30368°
Project: total Area 1'350m2, House 346m2;

The Story
Most parts of Accra do not have street names, forget about street numbers. Therefore a GPS will not be practical, a guide knowing the location is an advantage! The same goes for our place, no street name! It is therefore difficult to locate us without a guide. The house is located in Palas Town in the West Hills around 10km from the sea and 100m elevation. Apart from some noisy churches it is quite and peaceful. The neighbourhood is poor but friendly and the drive to Accra (Osu) around 45 min. and to the next clean beach approx. 90 min.

We built the original house in 1996 and started the modernisation & uplifting in 2012 in order to create a home to stay after my retirement. I always enjoyed my life and work was a means to get money to play with. This worked mostly fine and I learned to be perfectly relaxed when the balance on my account was nearing zero or even into the dark red! In bad times however this attitude could lead to mild stress, mostly damped with a lot of beer. However I realised that after my retirement no funds, other than the poor AHV (rent) and the equally small amount from the Pension Scheme, would be available. This was for sure not enough to make a decent living in Switzerland. Even the rent for a flat would exceed the means. Let alone the rat tail of other costs. Hence we have to migrate to a more accommodating place. I worked mainly in Nigeria and than the Eastern half of the World.
The Project
The Location (Google Earth)
5° 35' 46.06" N  /  0° 18' 123.91" W
105 Palas Town, Anyaa, Greater Accra, Ghana
Start of work 30.08. - 20.12.2011
I was aware (but never worried!) that my pension and meager AHV, due to "Mega Gaps", will by far not be enough to spend my last years in Switzerland. We therefore decided to renovate Nancy's house in Mallam (which we built already in 1997), in the outskirts of Accra. Nancy travelled already in 2011 in order to organize things and as, a first step, replaced the complete roof with interlocking aluminium sheets. Than I re designed the interior.

We removed all bath-tubes, removed floor tiles, doors and unnecessary walls and windows, in order to make space for 3 bedrooms with shower / toilet. A dining room, a big living room and a spacious kitchen. The walls around the premise will be heightened and a new fancy gate installed. On top will be concertina wire to guard against intruders. Painting the house with TexCoat and flooring is still in progress and is supervised by Nancy, staying 2 weeks longer than I! Also the electrical installations have been re-done.The next visit is planned in September where we will install the technical stuff: Solar Water heater, 30KW Generator, 7'000l Water Tank, Satellite TV and Internet , Air Conditioning, Interior paintings and redecoration. Installing a brand new kitchen, among others, is also on the agenda. Hopefully the project will be finished in June 2013! (my expected retirement)

It's not so easy to direct all these effort from Switzerland. Nancy is doing a very good job in keeping it moving. Patrick Ansha, Sami and Ashete are doing their best to assist her in Accra and so, step by step, it's taking shape. In Switzerland I bought a 20 ft. container which we keep for packing and as delivery point, at Wegmüller AG in Attikon. Mostly via Internet, we orderd stuff like the kitchen, shower cubicles, bedrooms, living room, laminates for the floor, water pumps, toilet accessories, lighting and electical fittings... and of course all the tools, nuts and bolts, in order to be able to install the stuff when we travel in September to Accra! All these purchases where delivered directly to Wegmüller for packing into the container. Generator, air conditioners, solar water heater, razor security wires to secure the perimeter walls and so on will be purchased in Ghana.

Finally all the material has arrived and it looked huge. I had my doubts whether we will be able to get everything into the container. So on 26th 07., early morning we started the puzzle. After 2.5 hours the Wegmüller men managed to get all in and we will have even a small space left for last minute items. Th container will be collected on 02.08. and than shipped from Antwerpen. Hope all arrives well. The most difficult task will be to bring it from Tema to the house and unload everything but this will be another story.