KurtGHANA Project I
2012 - 2014

Kennedy & SamiGHANA Project II
2013 - 14

Junior the ChiefGHANA Project III
2014 - 19

GHANA Project IV
2020 - 2021
Solar Power Converter ALPHA SPC III Schellenberg Twin 300 Chamberlain ML810EV Chamberlain Remote Schletter SingleFix AL:KO Jet 5000 Comfort

Integrated Solar Power Back-Up System
my pet project

SlideShow: Installation of the Solar Panels 29.04.2021
I had a pile of all required materials which were sent by the various trusted Online Shops (eg. Amazon.de, Merkasol (Sevilla) , alma-solarshop.com, among others ) to our home and onwards by sea-container to Ghana. I hoped that "Junior" our all-round Genie will soon find the time to install it with me. He didn't disappoint and we got all installed and running on April 28, 2021.
The Main new components

5pcs. 280W Poly-Crystalline "I'm Solar Panels"

2pcs 12 V 100 Ah Lifepo4 Akku (=24V/100 Ah system!)
    (made by Shunbin in CN) bought through Amazon.

1set  Schletter Singlefix VARIO
    purchased at  photovoltaik4all

Bits and Pieces like cables, couplings, screws connection boxes & fuses, ...) where also purchased online and shipped all together in a container to Ghana.

We, Junior and me, installed the complete system in only two days. The "Tailor Made" system worked immediately flawless. This now for the last 4 months (mostly only attended by our girl, Fati!).

A small project but the devil lures in the details!
A perfect, but time consuming, planning helped!
Link:  Original Excel Sheet (xlsx)
The Excel Sheet, under above link, is partially password protected(Data Input fields can be altered)).
Contact me if you need the password!

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