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Diesel Pump StationGHANA

Papa & MamaGHANA

Our view from the porchGHANA with Fritz2018

UPS installationGHANA

Nancy with MangosGHANA


KurtGHANA Project I
2012 - 2014


New Home GHANA 2017

Trip with Lorena & Oliver  October 2017

SlideShow: Ghana Trip, October 2017
SlideShow: Ghana Trip to Aburi, October 2017
For this visit we planned a comprehensive round trip to the Lake Volta and the to Cape Coast in the eastern part of the country. We made a stay-over at our favourite beach, The Sunflower beach near Senya Beraku. The German owner has about my age and his daughter are very nice. All went smooth even when I heard some queries regarding my driving. Lorena was shocked when I kept the engine on while getting fueled up. This is a must, otherwise how can you run the air conditioner! Excursions to the Bojo Beach, West Hill Mall and other places of interest rounded up the program. Oliver and Lorena ventured also out alone and UBER is convenient way of getting around.

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