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January 2007
SlideShow: India North January 2007 with Rajesh Kapoor & Venkant

I started in the North and Saturday evening I decided to stay for the Sunday (21.01.07) at the Taj in Chandigarh I wanted a relaxed day and was a bit disturbed when at around 15:15pm some people knocked very strongly and impatient on my door. I opened and they told me to leave the room immediately because of a fire in the hotel. Now a realized that the corridor was full of smoke and I got into my shoes but had to leave without any belongings, even my coat I could not grab. We found our way down the, smoke filled, emergency stair and reaching outside I noticed a lot of activities. The fire brigade was in full action and attacked the fire, which broke out in the banquet hall. There where many bewildered hotel guests roaming around and wondering what is going on. After a while I realized that it was quite cold but I was not allowed to go upstairs to get my stuff. After a while with little information about our feat I decided to get to my room anyway. With the help of a hotel boy (which I bribed) I got up the smoky staircase, reached my room, grabbed my belongings (did not forget the safe where my passport and cash was laying!) and went out again. Later we where brought to the MountView Hotel, my preferred hotel at the time. I was very happy to have all my belongings with me. The others struggled to get it eventually!

I continued my trip to the South and than to Mumbai. A positive highlight was the conclusion of the big deal at Alok Industries Ltd., Silvassa (with Rahul Joshi and some help by Jörg Büchler) and an emotional fare well to Mr. Ravichandran.
"The Far Eastern Deal" March 2007
SlideShow: Taiwan March 2007
Just returned from Taiwan and India and I'm still a bit groggy. The trip to Taipei with a night stop in Hongkong due to a hurricane was not very pleasant. But when Kenny Tan picked me up at Taipei Airport things started to improve. The main reason for the visit was Far Eastern Textile, Taiwan (FETL) where we tried to convince them to replace their existing installation. We succeeded! We sold 12 TVS. Kenny brought me than to a local bar in the nearby mountains and we celebrated in style. We got quite pissed, so what? - Next day we took a plane to the South where we met Mr. Chain of Tainan Spinning.

On the way back, we took the brand new Taiwan High Speed Rail (abbreviated THSR or HSR from Tainan, a very relaxing experience and very fast as well!.
March 2007
SlideShow: China with Greg & Steven, March 2007
April 2007
SlideShow: On tour in Estern Turkey with Onur April 2007
A typical tour with Onur Coruh: Adana, Kharamarash, Gaziantep,..., Kaysery. The standard one week trip. Every day another hotel. 6 - 8 customers a day. With Onur Coruh no problem, even fun! In Kayseri we where lucky to have fair weather and could see the Mount Erciyes with its summit reaching 3,916 m (12,848 ft). Kaysery has also the best Kebab Restaurants, so at least I was told!.

Onur Coruh my trusted guide!
May 07
SlideShow: Pakistan May 2007 with Leghari & Co
"100th The Vision Shield" at Nahar, May 2007
SlideShow: India May 2007 North & Central
The Nahar celebration in Ludhiana (Punjab, India) went well and the following 10 days in India where very hot (45°C). Specially in Rajasthan. I had to spend a Sunday in Udaypur but could not see too much because of the heat. The transit into Pakistan was frustrating because of disturbances in Karachi. I reached there with a 24 hours delay. Due to an impending strike I traveled straight to Lahore where we visited customers "near by", also in Faisalabad.

On Saturday (26.05) I will travel to Shanghai and than to Bangladesh, where I will meet Silvano Rufo. Via Thailand we will return, just in time for my 65th birthday on 27.06. Of course, I can yet not think to retire! and got luckily an extension of my employment.

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