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 The Swiss Front 2008

Christmas / New Year 2008
SlideShow: Christmas / New Year 2007/08
2007 is history! It was a busy and interesting year, the targets almost met, weighing now 112kg, a decrease of 3kg over the year. Not bad! Now, new challenges are luring around the corner and we will try to master them. In Sallah! Mami's 90 birthday is also coming up! Time passes... Below some pictures from our Christmas outing to the Pfanner family in Kennelbach. A yearly event which always gets out of control.
Frida's 50th birthday, 
Saturday, 21.12.08
SlideShow: Frida's 50th birthday
Already on Friday, we drove to Kennelbach, in Austria, for a warm-up, before the big party on Saturday. We got on "practising" till 3am. After breakfast we cured our hangover with more beer and where ready for action at 19:30. A bus picked us up and we drove to the venue. Moses was stressing, getting the electronics for the band "" working. Chantal was organizing beer: Ten big ones, please!- From than on the party started: dinner, booze, live music, dancing and even a presentation showing Frida's achievements during the last 50 years.
Around 3am we boarded the bus and drove back to Kennelbach. There the party continued with pepper soup, gari, and much more beer and of course the local "Obstler" (booze!).

The last ones went to bed around 6am. Now I'm back in Switzerland for recovery. The Austrian gang will show up at our home in a couple of days for the Swiss treatment.
The Invasion from Austria!
SlideShow: The Austrian Invasion
After Christmas Allan & "Traffic" visited us in Dietikon for two days and we continued the party. The women and children stayed back in Austria because of a flue attack. In the evening we went to the Niederdorf in Zürich, and had a couple of beers in "Wolf's Bierhalle" and some more in various bars. A week later, came the "Girls" with their children. Fritz brought his son Cayden, Sandra and Tobias dropped in with their two children . It was very busy to say the least but also a lot of fun! The "Girls", for ever young, beat us and stayed out in a Disco till morning! Thank you all for a great time, we will do it again!
Susi's (alias "Sister") Holidays in Switzerland
August 2008
Nancy's mother, Suzzie, is now since on months with us. She lives in >Accra / Ghana. Unfortunately for her, we spent two weeks holidays and before I was away on business. So there was very little opportunity for her to see the country side. Excellent weather after our return allowed us to make some nice excursions. Susten, Brünnig and with my mother we went on the Stanserhorn. Mami was a little bit afraid that she could not make it because of the height (1'900m), but she did very well and enjoyed it.

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