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 The Swiss Front 2010

My 68th Birthday Party
Not much to say! A Grill Party, plenty of meat, beer & wine. Fairly hot and loud. But most of our guests enjoyed it. Nancy did a great job in preparation and considering the fact that she had to postpone the event in the last minute for one week, all went very well.
Time for New Challenges
November 2009 - May 2010
RIETER decided to send me, in July 2010, in pension. This decision came in fall 2009 during the recent recession. Of course, I'm still far too young for retirement! Besides, funds are not sufficient, Nancy don't want me hang around and Oliver is still in school and has to start his apprenticeship. Anyway, I could not be absolutely sure whether I will still be able to secure another job in time and had to scale down our live style. First of all, I had to give up our expensive apartment. For that reason Fritz and Kurt had to find their own places, which they did, congratulation!

I'm still "On The Road" and had little time to look for our own accommodation. Luckily, one week before leaving for India, I got a suitable flat and the dreaded relocation started after my return. Since we, Fritz and Kurt moved out almost simultaneously, it got quite chaotic! Unbelievable how much stuff gets accumulated over time! The planning was not bad but the execution was not always as planned! However, we made it.

Work was unsettled as well, our department got liquidated and our team scattered all over! This made things not easier. The time to my pension was coming nearer and nearer and I almost became a bit nervous about our future: ...a Beach Bar in Ghana?, freelancing, robbing a bank...?? The question got thankfully answered when signed the contract with JOSSI SYSTEMS AG in Wängi, a Company, I worked with, very closely, during the past years. I can now skip the answer, to above nagging question, until later but always remember, no situation is permanent!

Fritz got a new job and joined a business class. Kurt is still working with COOP. This leaves Oliver, he joined the BWL and just got an apprenticeship as merchant. Great! According to my calculations, in 4 - 5 years I should be without major liabilities, just in time for retirement!

...mission accomplished!?
Kurt's 21st birthday party
SlideShow: Kurt 21st Birthday Party
Johanna 40's birthday

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