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Jean Claude †

 The Private Front 2016

Stranded in Bruxelles

We boarded the plane in Accra at 22:00, knowing that we will have a long wait in Frida's 60th birthday. This was my mistake by booking the afternoon flight to Zürich. Nevertheless we were optimistic to spend the time with Sight-Seeing and Shopping (or better eating & drinking). After clearing security and immigration in Bruxelles, I discovered that I left a lot of items behind at the security check point and it took a while to backtrack and to claim our missing belongings! We also realized that we where without any cash and looked for an ATM. Finally we found one but it would not accept my Postcard.

This happened also before in Accra. I tried MasterCard. Same disappointing result! Now we were frantically counting our last reserves and concluded that a Hop-ON-Hop-OFF Tour would be possible and maybe a beer with a sandwich. Coming out of the airport terminal, a very chilly wind with an icy rain greeted us. After all it was Winter! Freezing and wet we located the Tour Bus and Hopped-ON and finished the tour in one go. No hopping-OFF, too cold! We looked for a cheap place to get our beer and a salami sandwich and we found it after some shivering around. After a 4 hours wait we could board our plane to Zürich and the world was in order again!
Malea is born on 24 May 2016
Comngratulation to Kurt & Xenia!
SlideShow: Malea on 24 May 2016
Treberwurst mit den "Biremöstler" 2017
Kurt rief uns nach Twann zum "Treberwurstessen". Schon auf der Hinfahrt wurde ich am Bielersee geblitzt, Kosten CHF 140.- Auf dem Rückweg in Biel nochmals, diesmal schlug es mit CHF 240.- zu Buche! Ansonsten war das Treffen ein Hit und es ist immer sehr schö n die alten Freunde zu treffen obwohl ich immer ein schlechtes Gewissen bekomme wenn ich hören muss wie jeder sich noch sportlich betätigt und noch sehr fit zu sein scheint!

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