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Sardinia & Sizily

SlideShow: Sardinia & Sicily 2011
After considering Brazil, Croatia and Iceland we finally decided to take the car and head for Sardinia and Sicily. Oliver and his friend Mike want to have the beaches and discos, my wive was happy to meet her brother in Palermo and of course visit some outlets. I was never asked! Actually my favorite was Iceland but was declared insane, wanting to go to a cold country, in summer!

There is also not much shopping, so my proposal was trashed! So we drove to Livorno, took the Moby Lines ferry to Oblia on Sardinia and explored the places and beaches from the Residenz LuNibareddu near San Teodoro. It was hot but every day we made an excursions, of which Palau and the Costa Smeralda with Porto Servo, were very rewarding. The Residenz was very pleasant, the view from our terrace splendid the nearby beach very nice but we visited it only once, at our last day of stay. To my joy, Olbia proved to be a very dull place with no shopping potential! After 5 days we drove down to Cagliari and boarded the Terrenia Ferry to Palermo in Sicily. This was another night passage on quite boring ship!
The ferry arrived at 09:00 in Palermo and we tried to chekc in at the Addaura Hotel near Mondello, a popular beach just outside Palermo. It seemed that there was a confusion with our booking but the guy seemed to be used to it and after 2 hours we got our rooms. All was OK and we could meet Nancy's brother at the "Central Statione". It was situated at the other side of the town, but over the week I got used to confusing route and chaotic traffic. Mostly we had our dinner in Mondello where all restaurants seem to have the same menu card. Mostly seafood and Pizza.
We found some very nice beaches, San Vito lo Capo, a 90 min. drive away was one of the best we visited. Also Cefalu is was worth the drive and has nice sandy beaches. Nancy and the boy got also their shopping time in Palermo, while I was waiting for them at a shady roadside ristorante drinking beer...
After a 4 days stay we drove via Catania to Taormina, staying in the small, but very nice Hotel, Residence Circle, just in the center, on the main road. Since the town is build on a hill it is not very easy accessible. Parking was down the hill and access by a shuttle bus. When arriving this caused a bit of confusion and hardship since we missed the shuttle part and had to hand carry all our luggage up a steep, hot and narrow road. I admit I left the task to my wive and the protesting boys!
Once we got the idea the place was great. There was a cable train to the beach but we preferred to drive to less crowded beaches. At least the Etna compensated me a bit for Iceland, but it's not really the same! It was an interesting drive up the mountain, seeing all the lava fields and craters. Up 2000m it was also pleasantly cool. Than the end of our holidays approached. We drove back to Palermo via Messina. After a final lunch at Nancy's brothers place we lined up at the harbour to get on the Grand Navi Veloci ferried to Genova. The 20hrs passage passed fast; drinking, eating, disco, sleeping and drinking. After arrival in Genova, we stayed the night the Hotel Serafino. Cheap but clean and adequate for one night. Early next morning a 3 hrs drive up to Iselle and on the car train through the Simplon and Lötschberg. We were the 3rd car on the train and a when trying to dive of the train in Lauterbrunnen, the car refused to start. Also the automatic hand brake stayed engaged so nobody could leave the train. There was of course a bit of confusion. My boys and wive where quite embarrassed but we had to find a solution. After all, "Shit Happenz"! According to the car manual, we had to unload the car so we could reach the lever, situated where the spare tire is buried, to disengage the brake. We finally managed to be pushed of the train. There where many frustrated people wanting off or on the train and willing to give us a helping hand! Patroullie TCS fixed the rest and we got home where we still faced hot weather! I need a rest!

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