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1968 - 2019


SlideShow: Montafon, Austria 2009
Oliver and I arrived at the Bartholomäberg on Friday evening. After two attempts we spotted our domicile behind the cow stable and after 3 "Obstler", with our host, we placed ourselves in front of the mini TV. I still had to cook but that comes easy. Next day, after a restless night, mainly due to the fact that my bed collapsed, we gathered our gear and got up to the Golm. The weather was not perfect but still OK. My hired skis did not make what I wanted and I struggled a bit.
 I guess, mainly because of lack of fitness. The next day we got a "Storm Card" because only one section was open. Many people on the narrow passages, wet snow and lousy weather spoiled the fun. It got not better when we drove down to the town from behind the cow stable. The car slid down the narrow path like a sledge and we just miraculously missed the deep ravine to our left. Stupid as I am, I tried to make the way up later in the afternoon and as feared before, we got stuck at the most critical spot. All gingerly in reverse gear back down to a barn where I managed to turn around, knocking off some of the marker posts in the process. Than back to town (Schruns) and finally I got me a pair of snow chains. From there on it was easy sailing, except that I hit the rear mirror from the car of a Russian lady when crossing on the narrow street. She made a lot of stress but it was not really my fault! There was also no weather for skiing in sight! So we consumed all the cheap American TV sit comes and series showing on RTL II and Pro7. Not much chance to brighten my horizon. The beer and Whisky helped a bit but on Friday morning and still heavily snowing, I had enough. We packed and went home! ...