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1969 - 2000

1975 - 1992

1980 - 1992

1969 - 1980

HASHING in Nigeria
1975 - 2000

The Last Flight
of 5N-AIU 1983

The "Big Bang"
June 2000

Back from Africa
2001 / 2002

Cuckoo & Mosquito Members: 1978 - 2000
with the Ikeja Hash
Functions; Hash Master, Hash Cash, Religious Adviser
(Founder Jaques de Steur)
also Members of: Ikeja , Lagos , Apapa , Small Boy's Hash,...)
Over 1'100 runs (1975 - 2000)
HASHING, our main past time activity!
A Drinker's Club with a Running Problem!

a none competitive cross country or downtown paper chase (or with chalk markings)

IKEJA HHH  Saturday afternoon, my main hash, running in the bush, through swamps and always exciting. Still running but the hard "shiggy" runs are unfortunately a thing of the past!

Lagos HHH  Monday evenings, over 100 runners, running through Lagos (mainly Victory Island

Lago Thursday HHH  or "Small Boys Hash", a male only run, very long and hard runs mainly on tarmac (Ikoyi). Still a strong Hash.

Apapa HHH   Friday evenings, through Apapa all on tarmac. A dying run, as I learned no longer in existence.
The Procedere
The Hash is managed by the Missmanagement, "Voted In" by the "Hashers" as recommended by the Missmanagement!

1 or 2 Hashers are "laying" (marking) a trail with chalk (in the city) or with paper (in the bush). On the trail there are

Checks , from where the runners have to discover the right track (shouting ON-ON) there are also

Check Backs , that's a dead end, the runners getting there have to return to the "Check". The aim is to keep the "Pack" together. Fast runners have to find the right path and occasionally get caught in a check back. That allows the slower ones to catch up.

After the run, we are called to form a circle around huge barrels filled with ice and beer (holy water) and for the kids and "lumpy ones" (women) mineral water.

The Hash Master   is in control of the proceedings, but in fact it is The Religious Adviser (RA)   who is in command. He punishes offenders, mainly with a "Down-Down" (bottom up and the leftover, if any, over your head !. Pants down and sitting on the ice is another favorite!

The Master of Music   is in charge of the songs in the circle , mostly "rugby songs"!

There are some other Hashers in one or the other position and all of them together form the
Mismanagement which meets regularly to think over upcoming events, this with the help of plenty of beer!
INTERHASH Chiang Mai, Thailand 2006
SlideShow: Interhash Chiang May 2006
Every 4 years their is somewhere in the world an Interhash . The venue is chosen by election at each Interhash. This was our first and only Interhash we could attend and also only because I was on business in South East Asia. I joined Nancy in Bangkok and we went to Chiang Mai. The run was not a success for me since my stamina suffered a lot after the Big Bang and also my form, apart for the drinking one suffered over the years. Anyway we had fun and it was good to meet old buddies again!

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