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1969 - 1980

The Last Flight
of 5N-AIU

"HHH" Nigeria
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The "Big Bang"
June 2000

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With Claus Donath on Business Trips
1980 - 1992
SlideShow:Claus Donath Special
To my surprise an joy, Claus Donath, the Sales Engineer from KUSTERS, provided me with a number of interesting photos from our Nigeria time. They arrived yesterday and I rushed to see them and was surprised to see pictures, I thought where lost forever! A real boost to reanimate old memories!- In times of bad news from all corners, this was at least something which lifted my spirits. The pictures below show some highlights form our trip to Kano and Kaduna. Our mode of travel was by air, in my Cessna 208. This made us very flexible and it provided a change. We visited the Kano market to purchased many "smelly birds" for the voliere at Texco Village which we let swim, during our stop-over, in the Hotel Pool. I think the management of the establishment did not appreciate it! Sorry for them. This was only one of many trips I made with Claus and all where funny and as well as very successful!
in the 80th
SlideShow: Crocodile Bar
The Texco Village comprised 4 prefabricated bungalows, two for guests, one as our residence and one was used for our Electronic Service Station (USTER Zellweger). In the center was the Crocodile Bar. Downstairs was the Restaurant and Disco and upstairs the "Crock Top" mainly frequented by friends and regular customers for drinks after a busy day. The "Crocodile Pond" was at the entrance of the Crocodile Bar. The Bar and Disco was very popular on weekends for many years. It was also the home of the Ikeja Hash The Motto "Coldest Beer & Hottest Girls in Town" was quite appropriate! Unfortunately security in our region deteriorated by the day and so, slowly our guests preferred to stay home and drink a six-pack in front of their "telly". In short the once very lively place died and so did the economy in general. Very tough times laid ahead!

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