2002 Wörenbad

2003 Le Bouveret

2004 Up de Rhine

2005 Seelisberg

2006 Tour de Biremost

2007 Twannberg

2013 Thun & Aare

"Biremöschtler" 2002
 my first Velotour brought me to Wörenbad ...by whom?

On 18th August 2002 we went out for a venue not experienced, by me, for over 25 Years! I was a little anxious since I could imagine what this could do to my old battered body! Not even sure, whether I will be able to mount a bike, I took the "thing" from Kurt with caution, but to my delight, I managed to get up and riding.

After some instructions, by my old buddies,I even figured out on how to change gears!- Great! We started from Wörenbad and at the beginning it was easy riding! Later, it got hotter and harder but soon we arrived at the long awaited "Beer (Wine) Stop"!- At first, a disappointment! No Beer! I settled with, the formidable, white wine, in combination,with "Red Bull" it gave me real "Wings". More so, as the next leg was downhill where I really showed my superb form! - Sorry, my ARSE!!!
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