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2002 - 2010

 A New Challenge!

RIETER had to retire me because I outlived my expiry date by 3 years and the bad economical situation forced them to send many into early retirement. I had to find a new job! The obvious choice was JOSSI SYSTEMS AG., but due to the prevailing economical situation, it was for a long time not clear whether this will work out. Fortunately, just in time, the situation changed for the better and I got my contract and I staid for the next 5.5 years.
Until 73+, this, of course, is very good news since my wive would not like to have me hanging around at home! Also the meager pension due to decades working overseas, would make a retirement very difficult! My new job at JOSSI is pretty much the same as with Rieter. The same products, slightly different markets.
Jossi Systems:    01.06.2010 - 30.05.2014
Uster Technologies: my retiry date: 30.05.2015

My New Assignement (Sales Area)

India, Turkey, GUS, South East Asia, including South Korea and Japan.

Overall I'm very pleased with this new assignment. A vast "playground" with room for expansion in the future came out a bit different due to health problems!)

1st trip to SOUTH INDIA 14. - 23.12.2010

SlideShow: Sales Training and the Coimbatore & Textile Exhibition December 2010
For the first time I tried the flight via Brussels to Chennai, with Jet Airways and from there with Kingfisher to Coimbatore. Not bad. In Coimbatore I met, after 4 years, my old friend Michael Kristoffersen and we had to celebrate the occasion! He is crazy as ever and both had, next day, a hard time! He is now on it's own, producing and selling Tiger rings. I wish him all the best in his new venture!

ITMA ASIA 2010 22. - 26.06.2010

SlideShow: ITMA ASIA in Shanghai
At last the waiting is over and the action started again! Exhibitions where never my favourites, talking or standing around a lot and mostly too hot! This ITMA proved to be quite pleasant, the weather changed: a lot of rain which cooled it down. During the first three days we had a lot of visitors on our boot and time passed quick. Just before the exhibition we visited the WORLD EXPO 2010, another huge event taking place in Shanghai. It was a mixed experience! Long, very hot walks, too long queues to consider entering Pavilions of interest.
A boat ride across the river, stretches in buses and other means of transport made it nevertheless a memorable experience. In the evenings, we mostly enjoyed the on going World Cup: witnessed the departure of Switzerland, France and Italy in company of a cold beer. This was comforting! It's always refreshing to see that there are other looser around. The way back to Zürich was a long one, I had to wait 12 hours in Dubai since the morning flight was over booked . This is certainly not the way to spend a birthday! Fortunately I found an oasis (I always do!) with plenty of cold beer and smoking permitted! In this way the time passed. Later I met Ashraf, the service engineer from Pakistan on the way to the Jossi training! The world is small!
EGYPT ...a short trip:  24.-27.08.2010
SlideShow: Egypt 2010
This was a short trip to visit a Ginning Mill near Alexandria. Omar was my host and we had a good time in spite of the Ramadan! Unfortunately no time for sight-seeing. In short, business as usual. The relative moderate temperatures of 36 °C and low humidity was a welcome change to the lousy Swiss weather!
JOSSI Systems Company Outing 03.09.2010
SlideShow: JOSSI Events
After an introductory by Walter and a snack, we set course to Dachsen. I had some trouble find the coordinates since the Tom Tom set it on the motorway. Finally I found the Riethof where most of us where also practising on the "Driving Range". After 2 trials I decided that this was not my thing. Others where more successfully and even hit the ball. The whole exercise was quite relaxing and the weather perfect. The 3.5 km walk to the river Rhine was not so bad and the beer on board the ship was more than welcome!
The cruise on the Rhine and up to the Rhine fall was interesting. In Schaffhausen we left the boat and climbed up to the Chateau Laufen. To my shame I have to admit that I took the elevator together with our "Rennross" (="racehorse") Max. After collection of the cars we had an aperitif at Walter's house and went an to the Restaurant Hirschen in Uhwiesen. A perfect dinner rounded up a very enjoyable event.
SOUTH KOREA with Benjamin Paik 31.10 - 18.11.2010
SOUTH KOREA (Benjamin Paik), VIETNAM, (Freddy Wu), JAPAN (Justin san)
SlideShow: Korea, Vietnam, Japan
The trip was as usual long and uneventful. Baggage did not arrive in Seoul, this was a bit annoying but it was delivered to the Kobos Hotel by midnight and I was ready for action. We visited several customers and Mr. Paik was a cheerful companion on all train, bus and car journeys to our customers. The only problem I encountered was eating on the floor. Getting graceful to the floor was awful! Eating was easy but "sitting" and getting up not! At least my hosts had their spectacle and amusement!
From Seoul I travelled back 5 hours to Hanoi. This is a very nice place. The Mövenpick Hotel was only 5 min. from the Exhibition Hall where I was on the TIMTEX boot. With me was Thomas Bachmann, an old friend from Rieter, now working with Xorella. We had a pretty good time. although customer attendance was not overwhelming! Before proceeding back to Seoul an Fukuoka (Japan) I undertook a sightseeing walk to the Old City. After 1 hour I was completely lost and boarded a "bicycle rickshaw". I should have done that from the beginning!
After a long waiting time at the Hanoi airport we departed 03:00 and landed 4 hours later in Seoul. Due to the delay I was running out of time to catch the plane to Fukuoka. I had to go through Immigration, fetch my luggage, and check-in again. Long lines before the immigration boots forced me to be a bit rude and bullied my way to the front. Than a long delay at the baggage belt made me very jumpy. Luckily I managed to check-in just in time to board the aircraft and landed at 10:30 in Fukuoka (where the hell is this!?) on the island of Kyu-shu.
The city surprised me. Very nice! Walter Kiechl arrived late the same day from China and next day we ventured out to the customers situated on the island. Justin and Yu where our guides from our agency. From Kagoshima we took a plane to Matsuyama situated on the Shikoku Island of Japan. There "Nariaki San" took over. After our assignment we flew to Osaka and next day and back home. Next stop Coimbatore (India)

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