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SlideShow:   with Jossi in Davos 2011
Early morning up to reach Frauenfeld at 06:30. Stress with parking and than a relaxing bus ride to Davos. Ski Rental was reasonable fast. Dragging myself to the cable car and up to the Jakobshorn a bit unnerving and so I needed a beer to put me in a sort of holiday mood. A phone call from Rolf interrupted peace and I had to face the challenge to descent to the Jatz Hut, where all gathered. It was not far, but the skis never did what I intended them to do. I struggled with my goggles and too big glasses, which always hopelessly fogged up. After almost 3 years of alpine inactivity, I feared to have lost it. Anyway I made it to target, albeit a bit naked! After a short rest, the JOSSI party decided to hit the slopes. For me, the rest of the day was a bit lonely and frustrating. I tried to come to grasp with my skiing and after some exhausting detours, I managed to reach the Middle Station. A cold beer! At 15:00 my colleagues arrived. All where very joyful and obviously enjoyed their day! Walter Kiechl offered a round, which helped to lift my spirits further. The way back to Frauenfeld was uneventful and I closed the day reflecting on my ordeal, coming to the conclusion to blame myself for not doing enough to keep physical fit! I almost forgot: It was a beautiful, sunny day and in retro, it was fun!
JOSSI Segway Tour Zürich 24.07.2011
SlideShow: Segway Tour in Zürich
It was decided that our company outing is a Zürich City Tour on a Segway. I had no idea what it was all about and was looking, with mixed feelings, forward to the experience. At least it was nothing exhausting. It has all to do with shifting your weight forward and backward, a and control direction with the handlebar. That's a bit tricky should you loose balance when dismounting, never hold on to the bar! A movement to the right or left will spin the JOSSI/Segway violently around and you are ending up in the gutter! I did anyway!A steep climb needs to get used to and my brand new "Vario Glases" gave me extra Vertigo. Anyway, the learning curve is not very steep. After a few tumbles and bends to my Ego I soon enjoyed the ride. We crossed the Lake Zürich by boat and had an excellent dinner at the Restaurant Belcanto in the Opernhaus. We all went home happy and an experience richer.
JOSSI Systems Company Outing 03.09.2010
SlideShow: JOSSI Events
After an introductory by Walter and a snack, we set course to Dachsen. I had some trouble find the coordinates since the Tom Tom set it on the motorway. Finally I found the Riethof where most of us where also practising on the "Driving Range". After 2 trials I decided that this was not my thing. Others where more successfully and even hit the ball. The whole exercise was quite relaxing and the weather perfect. The 3.5 km walk to the river Rhine was not so bad and the beer on board the ship was more than welcome!
The cruise on the Rhine and up to the Rhine fall was interesting. In Schaffhausen we left the boat and climbed up to the Chateau Laufen. To my shame, I have to admit that I took the elevator, together with our "Rennross" (racehorse) Max. After collection of the cars we had an aperitif at Walter's home and had dinner at the Restaurant Hirschen in Uhwiesen. A perfect dinner rounded up a very enjoyable event.

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