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SAIGON-TEX Ho-Ch-Minh City (Vietnam)
INATEX   Jakarta (Indonesia)03.04. - 30.04.2012
SlideShow: Ho-Chi-Minh City (Saigon) & Jakarta
An extended outing to the Jaya Pub was however the only fun I had, a sure sign that I'm getting older - or wiser - or possibly both :-( . After the Fair in Jakarta I visited customers in Surabaya, Semarang and Solo. I had to skip Bandung because of overload of the Agansa staff with other sales personnel. So I had to shift my flight by a week but when I showed up at the Jakarta Airport there was no flight to Doha and I discovered that I was a day too early! Eventually on Sunday night all went well and I was back home by Monday morning. The discovery that the next day was a public holiday was, after 4 weeks without any brake, a welcome surprise!
CHINA (Jenny Zhu), SOUTH KOREA (Benjamin Paik), JAPAN  (Hattari San) & MALAYSIA  (Mr. Tan), PHILLIPINES (Raul Manapat)
Far Eastern Run June / July 2012
SlideShow: Taiwan with Kenny Tan & JAPAN with Hattori San
Japan Map
I proceeded with Hanain Airlines from Brussels via Beijing to Shanghai to attend ITMA Asia. My 3rd trade fair this year! Next stop Korea, where Benjamin Paik subjected me to floor sitting lunches. Going down is not easy standing up after an hour a very difficult task! Osaka, Japan, was the next stop and Hattori took me on long tour by car and trains to remote customer sites on Shikoku (Matsuyama).

It was very interesting and fun with Hattori san. We had a fair dinner on my 70th birthday, but did not get pissed! A bad Omen? Then I flew via Beijing to Kuala Lumpur to meet Tan. A very awkward and time consuming routing. With Tan I enjoyed Malaysia where we have some interesting prospects. Finally via Dubai back home.
INDIA December 2012
Skip ITM Mumbai and limp back for "back-surgery
During the last trips I got a lot of pain, extending down my right hip and leg. Walking became increasingly difficult and even standing a short time resulted in unbearable pains. tests at the University Hospital in Zürich showed a disc dislocation and a cortisone injection should do the trick! Unfortunately at the start of my trip to Indonesia the pains returned but at less intensity and I could "manage". Then to Bangkok where we had our Agent`s Meeting, for our agents from South East Asia. Walter Kiechl also joined to present our new generation of products, mainly the XSpect.
The meeting went well and the next day I got off to Vietnam where I spent another week still handicapped by pains in the hip and lower back. Anyway, I survived and on my travel home the pains became more bearable (maybe I got used to it!?, so the next stop will be Mumbai in ten days! This is the last trip before Christmas holidays.
Off I went to Mumbai, ignoring my considerable pains in my legs and back. From Mumbai we went first to Wing to visit Rieter India Pvt. Than in Pune my condition got worse and when I was trying to enter one of the old fashioned busses, the high step did the final damage! I could no longer walk and Yuecel was carrying me around in a wheelchair. So I cancelled my attendance to the ITM Mumbai and got a booking for a flight next night. From Pune I drove with the Yücel Yildirim to Mumbai.
I managed to navigate the airport in a wheelchair and boarded the plane via the catering vehicle with it's lift. In Zürich I checked in to the Triemli Hospital and got surgery, performed by Dr. med. Massimo Alessandro Leonardi, very fast since there was a danger of a permanent paralysis. As I say, just in time!

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