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SlideShow: Thailand 2006 with Nancy
Bangkok & Interhash
Chiang Mai, Thailand 2006
I met Nancy at the Suvanrnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, coming from Shanghai. We wanted to participate in the Interhash Chiang May 2007 to meet the old hashers coming from Lagos. I had some business in Thailand and Nancy could indulge in shopping at the MBK center. She got very quick familiar with the SkyTrain. In the evening we met at O'Reilly's for Happy Hour. We stayed at the Ambassador Hotel, near Nana Plaza and Sukhumvit 11.

We flew to Chiang Mai where the Interhash 2006 took place. For me the Interhash was a bit frustrating since I was completely out of shape and struggled through the hills. It was also very hot which did not help to improve my motivation. At the end I collapsed almost due to heat accumulation in the body. Unfortunately my replanted skin (58%) is not able to sweat, only my head and left arm can do so and I was simply overheating. The beer drinking part was OK but I got punished in the circle for my suffering!

The Interhash 2008 will take place in Perth (Australia) but I have not yet decided whether to go. Of course there is a big temptation but also some financial restrains! I will for sure not be much fitter but I think good enough for the "old farts" stroll.

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