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Diesel Pump StationGHANA


Our view from the porchGHANA with Fritz2018

UPS installationGHANA

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KurtGHANA Project I
2012 - 2014

SlideShow: Ghana Holiday Tour 2006
Many thanks to Marco and Blessing for their generous hospitality and help in making this holidays very memorable indeed!

Our first small trip led us to the Akosombo Dam which forms the worlds biggest man made lake, The Lake Volta. A 3 days trip brought us to Cap Coast where we visited the Kakum National Park. The balancing over the canopy is a bit tricky for somebody who experiences Vertigo when facing height! There are 6 sections which are big fun for the kids but a bit unsettling for me. A cold beer at the crocodile pond at the Hans Cottage "Botel" was highly welcome. The Elmina Castle was the next stop and the guided tour proved to be worthwhile.

From there we proceeded to Takoradi where we spent the night. Next day we visited 2 beautiful beaches, the Axim Beach and the Busua Beach Resort. The next weekend we drove to Hohoe near the Togolese border (about 3 hours from Accra) where we visited the very pretty Logba Tota Fall.
A refreshing waterfall pool compensated for the 1 hour walk. A very nice spot near Accra is the Bojo Beach.
Very clean water and white sand guarantees healthy bathing in the rough waves! Swimming too far out is not recommended (this goes for all West-African beaches) since the undercurrent very dangerous. If the palm trees at the shore are getting smaller and smaller you know you are in serious trouble!

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