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My First Trip to India

SlideShow: India with Shandeep!
2003 I went the first time for RIETER to India. Before Christoph Schönbächler was in charge and Shandeep was then in charge of Sales "New Products" in India. Shandeep became my "Indian Guide". His Motto;

"If you can't Convince them, Confuse them!" by Shandeep
He was very successful with this approach, customers did not like to argue "Theories" they don't understand! He himself was fully convinced about his adventurous mental constructs! I learned a lot from the "bullshit" and many times it helped to close a deal!

I arrived in Mumbai (Bombay) where I staid at "Sun and Sand", a Hotel at the Juhu Beach. As it turned out, Shandeep was very interested in the sights of his homeland but also annoyed about the neglect they where subjected to by to public and the politicians. Anyway our first "sightseeing detour" was to Elephanta, a Island near Mumbai. We took the boat from the Gateway of India, near the "Taj Mahal Hotel". We crossed over choppy water to reach the Island. A funny train brings you to the entrance and than you face a long steep stair to the caves. You can get carried on the back of a porter. Considering my weight I did not want to kill one of them!
From Mumbai we proceeded to Gokak Mill, an old Textile Mill looking like an old fort. The mill is situated "near" Belgaum Airport and reached by a very bumpy road. Actually Gokkak (Karnataka State) became one of my favorite places. I liked the Waterfall and the old suspension bridge where the crossing of 2 people is tricky especially for a 120kg man!
Sanchi Buddhist Monuments
The Great Stupa in Sanchi
From Gokak we made a "short" detour to Sanchi to visit the Buddhist Monuments (Stupas), a World Heritage Site. The drive was long and each time I asked how long, Shandeep shouted only 5 minutes each 30 minutes I asked the same with the same answer from him! It was a hot day and as always on these sites their is not much of an infrastructure. So we wandered thirsty through the extensive site but sure we did something for our education!
(Union Carbide catastrophe)
Via Kohlapur, another Textile Industry Center in state of Maharashtra we traveled to Bohpal.

The story (in German language): "Die Katastrophe von Bhopal, auch Bhopalunglück, ereignete sich am 3. Dezember 1984 im indischen Bhopal, der Hauptstadt des Bundesstaats Madhya Pradesh. In einem Werk des indischen börsennotierten Unternehmens Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL, 1984 zu 51 % in Besitz des US-Chemiekonzerns Union Carbide Corporation UCC; die restlichen Aktien befanden sich im Besitz des indischen Staates, indischer Finanzinstitute und privater Investoren in Indien) traten aufgrund menschlicher Fehler und auf menschliche Fehler zurückzuführender Fehler in der technischen Ausrüstung mehrere Tonnen giftiger Stoffe in die Atmosphäre.[1] Es war die bisher schlimmste Chemiekatastrophe und eine der bekanntesten Umweltkatastrophen der Geschichte. Tausende von Menschen starben an ihren unmittelbaren Folgen."

Back in Mumbai we took a flight to Coimbatore in the South to visit some key customers as my introduction. Via Mumbai flew got home again.

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