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TURKEY with Fathi Karadag January 2005
SlideShow: Turkey, trip to the East with Fatih Karadag 2005
We drove from Istanbul the 1'200 km to Malatya in one day. We took the scenic route and there was a lot of snow and ice on the road which made the trip even more exciting. Whoever was Fatih's passenger will never forget it! Full speed, sometimes in excess of 200 km, is the norm. This, also a police trap somewhere in the no where, registered this fact and Fatih was booked for speeding. This pissed him off and had no goo words for the "bandits"! We covered the area Gaziantep, Karamanarash and Adana during the next 5 days. From there back home.
Uyghur Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China
March 2005
SlideShow: China, Xinjiang March 2005
As always when I traveled with Michael, it is hard to remember what happened! We conducted a training for the local sales staff in Zhengzhou, went up to Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Province and had our "Maotai" treatment at Galaxy. Miss Hongwei Li helped us afterwards to the hotel. In Hangzhou we visited with Alex a temple and had a good time. Other than that my memories are blurred!
RUSSIA   April 2005
SlideShow: Russia with Benny Brandenberger & Sasha 2005
I'm always fascinated from Russia. I like the forests, the very special atmosphere and of course, the Wodka! We visited with Bernie and Sascha customers in Yaroslavl, Ivanovo and Vladimir. On Saturday I had some time to do Sightseeing in Moscow. Sascha (the office girl!) was my guide and she showed me the most important spots in the short time available. Thank you!
The Salesman's Classic Combo! 2005
SlideShow: Bangaladesh & Thailand
Bangaladesh and Thailand are two, quite different, destinations! Both have in common that you can stay in a single hotel to see your customers. In Dhaka and in Bangkok. This is very convenient since daily hotel changes are not involved. Of course you still have the horrendous traffic in both cities! Apart from that, I certainly prefer Bangkok when it comes to entertainment! Dhaka is work only, Bangkok offers an enjoyable time after work! This is not to say that Bangladesh has nothing to offer. I like the country side, the rivers and boats and of course the many chimneys from the brick factories! Also the thousands (400'000!) colourful and beautiful decorated rickshaws are an experience and contribute to the frequent traffic jams!
SHANGHAI-TEX China 03. - 07.June 2005
SlideShow: China, Thailand, Shanghai-Tex
We conducted a sales training in Changzhou, visited some customers in the area and attended the SHANGHAItex.
ITMA ASIA Singapore   17. - 21 October 2005
SlideShow: ITMA ASIA Singapore
Another Asian Textile Machinery exhibition. Long hours standing, demonstrating the machine and trying to communicate with the, mostly none English speaking, customers. Thanks to the help of the local sales engineers we succeed somehow! Singapore is clinical clean with many nice places to spend an evening. We liked the place and the exhibition could have stayed there bur migrated to Shanghai. Another not too shabby place to stay!
CITME Beijing Nov. 2005
SlideShow: CITME 2005 Beijing
We all gathered in Bejing to participate at CITME 2005. We where lucky, the weather was beautiful and the temperatures very comfy. We also had time to do some Sight-Seeing in and around Beijing (Peking).