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SlideShow: ITM Istanbul 2006
RUSSIA   November 2006
SlideShow: RUSSIA 2006 The Rosko Project
Russian Impressions
The Rosko Project
With Bernie and Sacha we travelled to Rosko and other places where the Textile Industry is at home. Rosko started to renovate their old mill by adding an ultra modern annex and tried to make the best out of the existing old building which was protected and could not be altered. Another very old mill was in Shagovets but their where no loans for major modernisation.
Visit of an Old Mill in Shagovets
CHINA & CITME Shanghai 2006
SlideShow: China CITME 2006
On the occasion of ITME in Shanghai, the management of GALAXY, a big spinning plant in the Xinjiang Province, invited us for dinner. We know the customer well and Michael and me had already a solid reputation in the field of competitive drinking! Therefore I had my concern about this invitation and also Michael looked a bit worried. Never mind, we accepted the challenge and the Moutai drinking spree stared soon after the begin of the dinner. After 2 bottles where empty and the customer seemed to be satisfied, Mr. Stüber offered to contribute another bottle!? We could not believe this! So the drinking continued and with the level of Alcohol, the level of stupidity grow! In a relative short time all got completely pissed. Of course Michael and myself had a lot of experience and behaved half way responsible. Others had to be carried out of the venue and started a vomiting contest outside the restaurant. Also the taxi driver who ad to take us where not pleased with the mess.- It ended as it had to and this was only one of many such punishments. The problem was, I started to like it!
Tashkent Textile Machinery Exhibition September 2006
SlideShow: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Before going to India, I attended the aforementioned exhibition. Tashkent is a quite and pleasant town. The climate was ideal. We made a very interesting excursion to the mountains. The city has also an lively and interesting night live. This was the most exciting experience!
September 2006
SlideShow: India North September 2006
From Tashkent (Uzbekistan) I planned to take the plane to Amritsar (North India) but it was not that easy. There was a check-in counter but nobody showed up. Upon enquiry at Uzbekistan Airlines, they were surprised that there was a passenger showing up. Anyway they told me that there was a plane on the tarmac with the required destination and a staff brought me to immigration. There was nobody on duty. Finally we found an officer who attended to me and also brought me outside the airport building. Some more waiting before a big empty bus arrived which brought me to the plane, who sat lonely on the tarmac.
I boarded and there where already a few passengers on transit, apparently a bit upset about the delay. After landing in Amritsar the heat was a shock! 42°C, after the comfortable 24°C in Tashkent not very pleasant. There was no Suresh insight! He got stuck in traffic somewhere. Finally he arrived and we drove to Ludhiana missing the famous sight of Amritsar, the Sikh gurdwara "Golden Temple" .
We went on by train to Delhi and by car to Gajourala. Short of reaching the customer, a speeding bus hit us. We were pushed away and a tractor crashed in our back. The car was damaged but we could still drive on. This, of course, only after a big palaver with the locals and with the tractor driver. The offending bus never stopped. A big traffic chaos developed. After that we went on with our usual program: Middle Belt (Rahul Joshi), by train to Kohlapur. A car ride to Gokak. After seeing the most important customers in the Kohlapur area we went via Mumbai to the South (Venkant), Madurai, Rajaplayam, than back to Mumbai and home again!
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