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China with Miss Li & Jenny  July 2008

SlideShow: Xinjiang July 2008
A "never ending" 20 hours journey via Dubai and Beijing brought me to Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, where I met Jenny and Miss Hongwei Li.
The next day we flew to Kashi (Kashgar) at the far western border of the province. Than back to Urumqi. A 12 hours drive via Turpan to Hami and the same day, the 600km back to Urumqi. This only because Jenny was afraid that the customer and I will overdue it with drinking, as experienced the last time when I visited them with Michael! -We made it!

We even found time for an excursion to the famous Heavenly Lake (Tianchi Lake) and than on Saturday morning to Shanghai, yet another 5 hours flight. Jenny was, as always, the perfect travel companion. Jenny and I had our "fights" and arguments but mostly a lot of fun!
Yes it was tough this time. Some customer visits in the Shanghai area and than it was ITMA Asia time! Rush back to Zurich via Dubai.- Changing gear and the next day via Doha to Jo'burg (South Africa) but this time for holidays!
14. - 20.09.08
SlideShow: Eastern Turkey 2008
This time, as many times before, I flew to Adana. Than to Karamanarash and Adiyaman with Levent. Back to Adana and from there to Nidge and Kayseri. This time Onur took care of me! It was Ramadan time and customer where a bit depressed. So was the business! We finished our tour and had some time on hand and decided to make small detour on the way back to Adana. We visited Cappadocia, a well known tourist area but never visited by myself. Onur drove us to Görem, Ürüp and the Underground City in Kaymakli. This city is 5 stories deep in the ground and the narrow passages are sometimes hard to navigate. Especially for a big guy like me! It was very interesting and a real worthwhile deviation from the old routine. I wondered why we never did it before! - Too busy of course!
04. - 26.10.2008
SlideShow: China Oct. 2008
Autumn in China! Mostly nice weather, some showers and in generally very comfortable temperatures. The schedule was tight and we covered a lot of ground on this 3 weeks trip. Quigdao, Wuhan, Shanghai, Taiyuan, Beijing & Zhangzhou, Fuzhou (Fujian Province), where some destinations in the 3 weeks marathon. Business is tough and not everything is going according to plan. Nevertheless, all went smooth and thank to Jenny's excellent organization, without a lot of undo stress. We even found some precious time to visit some interesting spots on our way. The Hangzhou West Lake, the Taoyuan Cave Scenic Area [Sanming] and Laoshan Mountain Area .Unfortunately not all in perfect weather. - You can't get it all.
Now I will spend a week at the office and then off to India for another 3 weeks. After that towards Christmas holidays and another exciting new year!
On the cable way Dinner Qingdao
INDIA ITME Bangalore
November 2008
SlideShow: ITME Bangalore 2008
After a brief stay at home I headed for Delhi in North India. It was a pleasant time of the year and it was easy going. The main stations where Chandigarh, Ludhiana & Barnala. Than heading South to Coimbatore and Rajapalayam.

In Bangalore I had to attend ITME 2008. I stayed 3 nights at the Chancery Pavilion and the rest of the show at the Golden Palms Hotel. Exhibitions, as always, are a bit tiresome and when the attendance is low also quite boring. This time it was a long show, but bearable. In the evening there was not much to do in Bangalore : closing hour is 11pm! Just time for a couple of beers in the "Hard Rock Cafe" and afterwards a few more at the swimming pool in the hotel. The Golden Palm was far away from town but very near the exhibition ground. It did not offer any nightlife at all. So, I lived, forcefully, healthy. Not exactly my thing...