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CHINA with Jenny Zhu (Pingeli)
on "Big Tour", in November 2007

SlideShow: with Jenny Zhu in China November 2007
JennyZhu (Pingeli) was the perfect travel companion. She was great as an interpreter, organizer and very entertaining. Never learned so much, saw so much and couldn't dose so little on a business trip! - Karl do you sleep?!!

Thanks a lot Jenny! We started in Urumqi where we participating in a symposium, organized by RIETER. Xi'an in Shaanxi province was the next stop. From there we visited a customer far out (Sanluli / Shanxi Sheng ) but still got the opportunity to see the "Terracota Warriors". Wuhan and Shanghai where the next stations. In Changhzou, home of (ACHA), we staged our sales training with Mr. Walter Kiechl of Jossi. Nanjing, Tianjin (Cangzhou - LiKe) and Zhengzhou came next, than back to Shanghai and home again!
March & October 2007
SlideShow: Taiwan & India 2007
Karl Sauter
After a succesfull trip to Taiwan, where we (Kenny & me) secured a major oder from Far Eastern Textile, I traveled from Taipei to Mumbai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Belgaume, Kohlapur, by car again to Mumbai from there to Chandigarh via Delhi. With Joerg Büchler I attended a function at the D.K.T.E. Textile Engineering Institute in Ichalkaranji (India), where I got the headgear. I'm looking now forward to the last trip of this year: China.
A short trip to Dehli
August 2007
SlideShow: Delhi 2007
I went to India to present "The Vision Shield" to participants of an event organized by The Dehli Textile Association in cooperation with RIETER.
...the begin of my infamous "Back-Pains"!
SlideShow: ITMA Munich 2007
ITMA Munich was the start of a long suffering originating from a "Intervertebral Disk Herniation". This diagnosis could only be established after a long time and many visits to hospitals. After many painful business trips, in Munich, the pain got unbearable and I could hardly walk. After a cortisone injection at a clinic the pain became bearable and I put down 7 "Mass of beer" at the Hofbräuhaus! The bad news was that the condition got worse and I got almost paralyzed. Two operations spanning till 2016 were necessary but still the pain is there. Getting used to it! (last edited 03.01.2022)
Changzhou Training Center Inauguration 06.07.2007
SlideShow:Changzhou Training Center Inauguration 2007
Formula 1 France - Magny-Cours
June 2007
SlideShow: Magny-Cours withSilvano 2007
This year we were only 4, Silvano, Rolf, Roman and myself. The trip was uneventful. Shopping at the "Carefour" in Mulhouse, than overloaded to Magny-Cours. We found a place for our van, tents and other gear and got it set up. Than full blast with our sound system to announce our presence. Firing up the grill and cremating the thin "Carefour" steaks were the next tasks! Anyway, the stuff was good! We had plenty of booze of all grades and since the temperature was on the lower side, we preferred to he higher ones! I got eventually pissed and lost on the campsite but managed to crawl, around 4:00am, into my mini igloo tent. Too bad, I forgot my sleeping bag and this proved to be fatal! During the day, "sleep-watching" the qualifying than we concentrated on the main reason of being here, booze & loud horrible music, crazy people and food! When negotiating my way to the toilet a "mob" throw me in a swimming pool, than appeased me with a couple of beers. Luckily my digital camera, in the shirt pocket, survived the dive!

The next day hangover and later watching the race. Ferrari won double with Raikkonen, Massa & Hamilton came third. Rather noisy! The start of the GP2 ended in a scary crash and the race was put on hold for over one hour. We had to stay another cold and windy night at the almost deserted campsite. Toilets were full of shit and I felt lousy. My old back pain took hold on me in a big way and hampered my movements. After a long, cold , night we packed and made it back home! A great weekend!

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