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EAST TURKEY January 2008
The first trip is over. It was a bit chilly but overall the weather was beautiful. Business as usual, the mood maybe a bit depressed. Visited mainly customers in Kahramanmaras or short,Maras, Nidge and Kayseri. Onur was my companion and we met Fatih in Kayseri at the last day. Now I'm getting ready for 3 weeks of India. At least I can warm up my battered frame!
INDIA Jan/Feb 2008
SlideShow: India Winter 2008
It was cold in the North, 3 - 5°C in the morning (Ludhiana, Chandigarh), cool in Mumbai, 10°C and warm in the South: Coimbatore, Madurai. Rajesh, Rahul and Venkant kept me busy and another tour came to a good end. The next stop will be China. Than I'm looking forward to the Easter Holiday which we (Nancy, Oliver and myself) will spend in Istanbul. A common destination for me, a first for the rest. I must admit, haven't seen the town since 1960, always by-passed it!
CHINA February / March 2008
SlideShow: China with Jenny March 2008
Shanghai, Changzhou, Zhengzhou, Hanan, Shijiazhuang, Cangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha ,... where some stations on this journey. Jenny did her best to get us around with not too much hassle. The weather in the North was fine, temperatures around 14°C, later in the Southern region a bit wet. Two weeks are too short for this huge country but another assignment forced me to return. There was not much room for sight seeing. The only place we had the chance to visit was the Shaolin Temple near Zhengzhou while waiting for our Sunday train connection to Handan the same evening.
SlideShow:&enbsp;Bangaladesh 2008
Back on the road. Firstly I had to attend a Symposium in Dhaka and we where, as always on such occasions, a bunch of guys. This welcome company made long and lonely evenings more bearable and the ten days passed by quite smooth. The days went by with customer visits, some harrowing driving and nerve wrecking traffic jams.
THAILAND   March / April 2008
SlideShow: Bangkok, Thailand 2008
Only 2 hours away from Dhaka the world looks quite different! Never mind the high temperatures and humidity. A slight shock was the new smoking policy under which smoking in Restaurants, Bars, etc., is no longer allowed. For a change, I had a Sunday free and booked the Ayutthaya tour by River Sun Cruise It was a good experience, except the early morning start and the weather which was, hot and humid.
TURKEY April / May 2008
SlideShow: Turkey 2008
We had a 3 hours delay in Istanbul, I arrived finally in Adana around 21:30 on Sunday evening. Next morning up and on to Kayseri. On the way we visited customers in Nidge. Onur got his new Ford C-Maxx. Good! Than we delighted our customers in Karamarash, Gaziantep and Adana. The Saturday morning flight departed 04:50 from Adana. This was a bit nasty since I had to get up before 03:00. After transit in Istanbul I arrived, a bit groggy, in Zürich. The good news was that Fritz and Cayden picked me up. Nancy was also at the airport, on the way to London, but she was already boarding her plane so we couldn't meet.
INDIA May / June 2008
SlideShow: India
After a missed approach due to a thunderstorm over Delhi, I finally arrived. On Sunday I intended to proceed to Chandigarh. After hovering g a while over the town, the captain announced that we have to return to Delhi due to bad visibility caused by a dust storm. We landed and, as expected, the flight was finally cancelled! Super! This forced us to change plan. I was to travel by car to the holy town of Haridwar situated at the river Ganges. Suresh K. will meet me there. All went well, after 7 hours I reached the place. Next day a 5 hours drive to Chandigarh where we finally met with Rajesh.
The Northern part of this trip ended on Thursday in Delhi and I travelled to Mumbai where I met some old friends from Lagos times. Than with Rahul to Srivassa (ALOK) and Nagpur. Via Mumbai to Chennai to Madurai where Manick took over. We travelled to Rajapalayam, Dindigul and Coimbatore. On Sunday we made a nice excursion up the mountains to Kodaikanal, at 2130m asl. it was cool, later it started even raining. A welcome change of climate! Than via Bangalore to Vijayawada, back to Hydarabad to Mumbai and finally home to Zurich where the temperature was 11°C.